Choosing a Battery for Home includes assessing the power of the battery and also its capacity.

These are certain things to keep in mind while going for a Home inverter battery:-

(a)    COMFORT: – The home battery should provide comfort and convenience and all the gadgets should be able to run on it. This is important especially in the summer months as the temperature is very high.

(b)   CONVINIENCE: – The battery should be low maintenance and easy to use, also it should not require frequent water change.

(c)    EASE OF LIVING: – The home battery should provide comfort and ease of living so that it does not become a burden on the owner and serves the owner well. This can happen only if the battery is branded and is bought from a proper vendor who provides you with a pukka bill and a warranty card.

(d)   BASIC NESSISITY: – In the home the battery is a basic necessity but the work doesn’t get stalled if it malfunctions or goes out of order. While in a commercial setup the inverter and the battery are crucial to run the business.


Choosing a battery for office includes ensuring that the power and capacity of the battery is high and both the inverter and battery are of the top most quality and sustain the requirements as best possible for the longest period of time.

These are the reasons to keep in mind while going for an office inverter battery for commercial use:-

(a)    INDISPENSABLE NECESSITY: – At office an inverter is an indispensable necessity. As the office work will stall without the inverter and thus the battery should be high quality and high capacity.

(b)   CRITICAL FOR PRODUCTIVITY: – good inverter and battery are critical in a commercial setup as the productivity gets affected by them and thus the battery should be long lasting and branded.

(c)    COMFORT AND EASE OF BUSINESS: – Also the employees need basic comfort and need for A/C and lighting with computers without which the office won’t function