Luminous Inverter Battery Combo

Luminous is most trusted brand in the range of Inverter Battery. They give you wide range of Inverter & battery. You can select any combo depending upon your home requirement.

Combination of Inverter & Battery and their prices depends on Battery-AH, Inverter Capacity-VA and warranty. Square wave & Pure Sine Wave are the latest ones in technology and now they introduced WiFi inverter as well.

Home Inverter Advantage

  • Digital display
  • Power backup time on digital display in hours & minutes
  • Supports Flat battery & tubular battery of 100 Ah – 220 Ah
  • WiFi Inverter comes in Zelio+ 1100 Va model – Mentioned below
  • Fast in speed to charge your home battery
  • 2 years warranty

Luminous Battery for Inverter

  • Flat Plate batteries provides extra backup time
  • Tubular & Tall Tubular batteries gives extra backup and extra life to battery
  • Upto 6 years of warranty
  • Comes charged from Factory
  • Acid level indicators

Electronicwale takes care of installation part at your home without any extra cost at Inverter point. Luminous Battery and Inverter comes with onsite warranty from luminous company itself. Buying from Electronicwale will give you full satisfaction on your online purchase. Your purchase is secure with us.

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