Luminous Eco Watt+ 1050 VA Ups


  • Sqaure Wave Inverter
  • Capacity – 900 VA, Rated Power – 756 W
  • Single battery inverter
  • Warranty : 24 Months
  • Cash on Delivery
  • Delivery in 1-4 hours
  • Free Installation & Delivery
  • Pay by Credit/Debit card or Paytm


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Eco Watt series is No. 1 selling Home Ups Product for Luminous. It is built with Advanced PCB programming,Microprocessor and FSW Transformer makes it highly efficient Home UPS hence it does not create humming noise, consumes less power and takes

Specifications of Luminous UPS/Inverter :  

Product Brand Luminous
Model Number Eco Watt+ 1050
Rated capacity 900 VA
No. of battery supported(12V) 1
Running appliances Fans, Lights, TV, Laptop, Computer, Air Cooler Mixer grinder
Supported batteries Falt, Tubular, SMF, Tall Tubular
Warranty 2 years onsite warranty
Recommended battery (AH)  120 Ah, 135 ah, 150ah, 180ah, 200ah,  220 ah
Best for For Offices and Homes


Technical Details :  

Wave type Square Wave inverter
Output Power  756 W
Input voltage 110V – 290V
UPS mode voltage window 180V – 230V
Output Voltage 180V – 230V
Protections Deep Discharge,  overload, Short-circuit, Input main protection through MCB and by pass switch, Fast charging
Typical recharge time 10 -12 hours
Max charging Current 17 Amps
Net Weight  9.8 kgs



  • Fault Indication- yes
  • Mains available – yes
  • Battery Charging  – yes
  • Voltage regulation display – yes
  • Low Battery Indication – yes
  • Overload Indication – yes
# Battery is not included with this purchase

Additional information


With Old Battery: Rs. 4.050, Without Old Battery : Rs 7,399


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