Luminous ILTT 24060 | 180Ah – 60* Months Warranty Tall Tubular Battery

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Luminous batteries are best suitable for high ambient temperature and partial state of charge usage. Ensuring higher durability and longer life, the Luminous ILTT 24060 – 180 AH Battery proves to be a perfect power backup solution for you. The Luminous battery delivers you a co nsistent and reliable power. It is a Tall Tubular Plate battery which is easy to maintain. The inverter battery is highly efficient. You also get warranty on this sealed battery.


Luminous Inverter Battery, Luminous ILTT 24060 (180AH) comes with a deep discharge Technology which reduce the electricity consumption and enhances the life of the Battery. It cuts off automatically on discharging on a specific level to save it to get deep discharged. Comes with ceramic water levellers to give you an exact idea of the water in the battery.

Battery Capacity 

The high performance Luminous ILTT 24060 – 180 AH Battery boasts of 180 AH capacity. The lead acid battery provides robust backup power solutions for a range of applications. You can install this UPS battery in your home as well as work place.

Buy Back 

  • With old battery (Same Ah): 13,999
  • Without old battery: 16,499

Specifications of Luminous Battery 

Product Brand Luminous
Model Number ILTT 24060
Product Name Inverlast
Battery Type Tall Tubular Plate Battery
Battery Capacity 180 Ah
Nominal Voltage 12 Volts
Battery Warranty 60 Months( 36 Months replacement warranty + 24 Months Pro Rata Warranty)
Inverter Warranty 600 VA – 10 KVA
Water Level Indicator Present

Backup Time

Load 100w 200W 300W 400W 500W
Duration 22 hrs 9 hrs 5 hrs 15 m 3 hrs 40m 3 hrs

 * Back up time is checked in Test conditions, may different depending upon load types, temperature.


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