Today inverters have become very important especially with the frequent power cuts in metros and tier 2 cities. All invertors run with a battery and the battery is the soul of the invertor so it makes complete sense to keep it running fit and fine.

These are certain tips through which you can extend the life of your luminous battery at home:

�                    KEEP IT RUNNING

To maintain a battery it is very important to keep the invertor running continuously. Don’t leave the invertor off or static as then the battery may die off. The battery gets self-charged when it is used and thus it is critical that you keep it running continuously.

�                    CHECK FOR WATER EVERY 2-3 MONTHS

The water in the battery gets consumed very fast and thus you should check for the water levels in the battery every few months. Every 2-3 months change the water in the batter and fill it up with distilled water and your battery will keep running fine

�                    CHECK FOR CORROSION

You should check if there is any corrosion or leakage of any liquid from the battery. It is very good if you keep your battery neat and clean and wipe off any liquid discharge and if the discharge continues you should show your battery to an expert mechanic who will fix it for you

�                    CHECK FOR HEATING

Check if the battery is overheating. If it is overheating then you should change the water or else consult an expert mechanic so that he can repair the battery for you.

�                    TIGHTEN THE TERMINALS

You should tighten the battery terminals as and when they loosen up and clean them and keep them clean and rust free by greasing them regularly.

With batteries you need to keep checking them every month if they need some repair or water refilling. The more you look after the battery the more the battery will last and the more service it will give you.

Keep it clean and rust free and grease it regularly and most importantly keep the battery running continuously as the running battery self-charges and gives much more service than a static battery.