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11 August 2018     Electronic Wale

Today inverters have become very important especially with the frequent power cuts in metros and tier 2 cities. All invertors run with a battery and the battery is the soul of the invertor so it makes complete sense to keep it running fit and fine.

These are certain tips through which you can extend the life of your luminous battery at home:

                    KEEP IT RUNNING

To maintain a battery it is very important to keep the invertor running continuously. Don't leave the invertor off or static as then the battery may die off. The battery gets self-charged when it is used and thus it

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11 August 2018     Electronic Wale

Batteries are a very important part of a car and thus they need special care and maintenance. By taking proper care of the battery you can increase the life of your battery and also keep it running well and fine.

Keep checking the water levels and grease the terminals. Also keep the car running and don't leave it static. Most importantly keep your battery clean and tidy and it will surely give you good service.

These are some tips to keep your battery up and running:

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11 August 2018     Electronic Wale

Going for an inverter battery is an important decision. And you have keep in mind the capacity, price, warranty, life and maintenance of the battery before going for it.

These are some useful tips you should consider before going for an inverter battery online:


You should check the cost of the batteries offline at a battery showroom near you and only go for a battery online if it is coming cheaper and with some added benefits. Mostly the cost of the battery online is much less than showroom costs as there are no overheads and sundry cost

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09 August 2018     Electronic Wale

Benefits of purchasing inverter battery online

Today most people are buying batteries online and there are valid reasons for the same. You get better deals and discounted prices. You get home delivery and replacement guarantee. Also you can compare different brands and choose according to your requirement.

These are the reasons why most people are buying batteries online:

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22 February 2018     Electronic Wale

Batteries have the function of storing electricity and discharging when necessary. The ele

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21 November 2017     Electronic Wale

While a modified sine wave inverter will get the job done in almost every circumstance, there are some cases where it may cause damage or just not be very efficient. The primary category of devices that run more efficiently with a pure sine wave inverter are electronics that use AC motors, like refrigerators, compressors, and microwave ovens.

15 November 2017     Electronic Wale

What size inverter should I buy?

We carry many different sizes, and several brands of power inverters.

Short Answer: The size you choose depends on the watts (or amps) of what you want to run (find the power consumption by referring to the specification plate on the appliance or tool). We recommend you buy a larger model than you think yo

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13 November 2017     Electronic Wale
ElectronicWaleWhile it's true that winter is a fairly common time for car batteries to die, some sources actually suggest that more batteries die in the summer than in the winter. So you may be dealing with a case of confirmation bias, but that doesn't mean you're totally off in left field. The Continue Reading
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