Warm Greetings from "ElectronicWale" ! Today our life is not possible without Electronics, isn't it? Whether it is Mobile, Two Wheeler, Four Wheeler, Inverter, UPS, Laptops, Cameras, Fans, Trolleys, Stablizer etc., pick up anything, we all need Batteries. Without genuine batteries, we cannot think of having good and smooth life! Below questions are always in our mind...

Can I get all types/brands of Electronics at one place?

Does the supplier is genuine and have enough experience in this line?

Where can we get the genuine products?

Where can we get the electronics products at the Best price?

Where can we get the electronics with Manufacture warranty & Service?

Who can give us the Free Home Delivery?

Does the supplier have enough support networks?

Can I have the payment option of Cash on Delivery?

What would be the delivery period, how fast can I get the products?

And many more

To answer all your queries and worries, we are pleased to bring One Stop Solution for all types of Electronics at your doorstep. ElectronicWale provides electronic products to end users, small businesses, schools, health institutions, Government Agencies, Public Safety Departments and everyone else.

ElectronicWale focuses on the following verticals:

Automobile - Two/Four wheelers





Solar Power


Water purifires

And many more...

How do we operate?

On Call - Just call on our mobile

Website - Online Shopping through our portal

Are we certified partners of leading brands?


Who does installation and give support during warranty?

ElectronicWale does everything Free of cost.