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 SF Sonic  Ready Power-5000
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SF Sonic Ready Power-5000

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Warranty: 21 Months Free of Cost + 21 Months Pro Rata

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Product Details

Product Description

SF Sonic Ready Power is a rugged, low maintenance battery designed to withstand hot Indian summers and frequent power cuts. Manufactured at state-of-art, manufacturing plant at Taloja Factory near Mumbai, we employ advanced hybrid alloy grids and extra thick plates for rugged performance over the years. Each power-packed cell stores more charge while SF Sonic's proprietary technology ensures complete safety for use at home and work.

Battery Capacity:
This SF Sonic RP5000 Battery is constructed with thick plates and is formulated with special paste technology for deep-discharge endurance. Therefore, this inverter battery can be recharged very fast from a deep discharged state. Due to the high charge retention capacity of this SF Sonic Black Battery, it provides, hassle-free, long, idle shell life. The battery has capacity of 5000Ah and consumes a mere voltage of 12V. 

 Specifications of SF SONIC READY POWER FRPO-RP5000 (150Ah)



150 AH

Battery Type:

Tubular Battery




12 V


42 Month(21 Months Free of Cost + 21 Months Pro Rata)

Buy Back

With Old Battery (Same Ah): Rs. 8999
without Old Battery: Rs.11499

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