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SF Sonic ST 500 150AH Tubular Battery
  • SF Sonic ST 500 150AH Tubular Battery

SF Sonic ST 500 150AH Tubular Battery

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Warranty: 36 month free of cost + 12 months pro data warranty

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Product Details

Product Description

The SF Sonic ST 500 150AH Tubular Battery is a Lead-Acid rechargeable battery which is designed to be spill-proof and shock-proof with no messy fumes to maintain extreme safety standards. This SF Sonic tubular battery is a maintenance free device which means it does not need any topping up. Pristine white tone of the battery makes it look elegant. The SF Sonic ST 500 150AH battery has robust grid design that prevents corrosion in positive plate and enhances durability. The technology used in this UPS battery is short tubular. The tubular plate construction of the battery confirms high-quality performance and long life.



Tough tubular battery with thicker plates for tough conditions.

Made with Exide's Torr Tubular technology.

Housed in tall DIN containers.

More electrolyte - higher acid volume per ampere hour.

Most suitable for deep cycle application.



150 AH

Battery Type:

Tubular Battery




12 V


48 Months ( 36 Months Free Of Cost + 12 Months Pro Rata


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